Still not sure what it does?

In simple words Watsapp Direct provides a personal link to you, using that link anyone could Whatsapp you with just a click, even without saving your contact number. So next time you write your contact number anywhere on the internet put your link instead, so the lazy one could also message you.
Functions of the link: 1-See number of visitors from different social media channels. So if you are getting more leads from Instagram than facebook, you should be focusing more on you on Instagram.

2-see the location of message senders: If you use WhatsApp for business, by seeing the location you could make sure if the person if the order you just got is genuine or fake.

3- Collect emails of people messaging you on WhatsApp. There is more, go ahead and create an account

Use cases: Social media profiles(Insta,twitter,FB)

Search engine listing

Anywhere you need to insert your business website

Anywhere you need to share or comment your Whatsapp contact

Is it for you?
Do you own a business? A potential client came down to one of your social media fan Page and found your Whatsapp contact there, but he was lazy just like all of us, he hates calling and were lazy enough to save your contact and then Whatsapp you.
A business owner knows well how much that leads cost that you just lost. let that never happen again.
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Multi-purpose splash page

Multipurpose splash page is a pop-up page which comes before your WhatsApp message box once someone clicks on your Watsapp Direct link
That's how it looks:

Multipurpose watsapp splash

Visitor's report

Visitor's report is the complete report of users clicking on your Watsapp Direct link to Whatsapp you
Report includes:
1- Referral sites(Here user found your link, could be twitter, insta, fb, google business listing or any comment on the internet)
2- Location of the user who clicked on the link and sends you the message.

report watsapp direct


Before activation of pre-filled-message:
before watsapp prefilled

After activation of pre-filled-message:
after watsapp prefilled

So now your customers and friends won't have to write the message just to initiate the convertation. Speed it up!